Learning Wicca

One witch's way down the pagan path.

About Me

My name is Natasha, although over time many have come to call me Whisper. I answer to both.

I was married at the age of 18 to my high school sweetheart, after I found myself pregnant with our now 4 year old daughter.  Sometimes the best thing to isn’t always the right thing and sometimes the right thing isn’t always best thing either. After years of a Christian upbringing, I decided that it wasn’t my true calling. I decided I wanted to follow a religion extremely forbidden in my family and not exactly socially accepted. I had decided I wanted to be a witch. Well, needless to say, when I told my husband I wanted to pursue herbalism and spells, he was a bit terrified. I put my Wiccan desires back in the closet and went on with life. After a few years, my husband and I seemed to fall apart in a few different areas. After separating and seeking a divorce, I ended up letting some one else into my life. I once again fell in love and am happy to say we now have a little boy.

I was scared to come out as a Wiccan, but I did anyway. My decision was met with love and support. Over these last few months, I have decided to open my life to the world of Wicca and let it be my guide. Recently, I have joined a group of like minded individuals and have attended several rituals. It’s time though that I learn and grow and develop more.

So my wife’s a witch. Every married man has to make some adjustment. – Darrin Stevens

I’m also an avid gamer and enjoy online gaming as well as board games with my fiance. I’m always looking at the latest PC games and more than willing to try out a new game of any sort. I never have been a console gamer though. PC is where it’s at for me.

I love Pinterst as an avid crafter. There’s always some amazing project I’d love to try given the time. And who can forget the great recipes too!

I have a great passions for herbology and all things herbal. I’d like to pursue a degree in Alternative Medicine in the future. As far as exactly what my future hold, I don’t know. But I can’t wait to find out.



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Currently Reading :

A rather old book by Gerald Gardner, who many say is the Father of Modern Witchcraft. Definitely seem like an interesting read. Can’t wait to get into some of his history lessons. Book is a little controversial in the Wiccan/Pagan community. Feel free to check out some reviews. I hope do be diving into here shortly.

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