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Celtic Woven Star Tree Topper

This is my Christmas/Yuletide Tree.

It’s always had a bow on top because I’ve never found a tree topper I like that suited my tree and my style. Well now I have. I can’t wait to have a silver version of this on my tree this year.

Celtic Woven Star Tree Topper

All you’ll need to make this gorgeous star is a sheet of 12″ x 12″ glittered card stock  scissors and glue (hot glue works best). If you have single sided glitter paper you will need to glue two sheets back-to-back to create a double sided sheet.

First, take your paper and cut it into (20) 1/2″ wide strips.

Fold two strips in half and crease to mark the center. Line up the center marks and glue the two strips to form 90 degree angles.

Add four more vertical strips (two on either side of your original + shape), weaving the horizontal piece through the vertical strips. Glue at all places where the paper intersects.

Continue weaving until you have a grid of 5×5 woven strips (the tails should be around 4″ long).

This step is the trickiest to explain, so hopefully the photos will help! In each corner, take the two inner corner strips and join the tips, making a twist in each strip before gluing them together. Do this with the next interior set of corner strips as well, so that you end up with two twisted points on each corner.

When all your corners are twisted and joined, it should look like this.

Now make another!

Turn one of your pieces upside down and rotate it so that the tips form an 8-pointed star when placed on top of the first piece.

Weave the remaining tails into the points, glue down and trim the ends.

 Voila, an easy peasy and super cheap way to add a lot of sparkle and shine to your holiday season! These also look incredible when hung in small groups from the ceiling – use white or silver paper to create a flurry of shimmery snowflakes that’s sure to impress!

From momscraftyspace.blogospot.com!

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